It is amazing how much our lives are effected simply by our outlook on life, and not by some cruel hand of fate. In the case of prosperity and abundance we can either have a scarcity or abundance mentality, and then we reap what we sow.

In D&C 104 the Lord outlines the regulations that apply to the United Order, an organization assembled to help the poor and needy. This entire section is well worth reading and pondering in terms of our discussion, and I would like to highlight a few verses:

First of all, the members of the United Order are held to a stricter standard, and then promised that "inasmuch as those whom I commanded [are] faithful they should be blessed with a multiplicity of blessings" (vs. 2). The more we serve those in need the more exponential the amount of blessings that return to us become.

For those who have riches it is their job to "exalt" the poor and make themselves humble or low (vs. 16). It is in this spirit of constant gratitude, humility, service, and giving that the Lord can guide us to the blessings He has in store.

Finally, vs. 17 has a wonderful truth: "for the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare" (emphasis added). For many there is a subconscious (or at times conscious) roadblock that keeps them from achieving monetary and other prosperity related goals due to a false belief that the tank is drying up. No matter how much wealth is hoarded by the greedy (rich or not) there is always much more than enough for everyone to enjoy if we will take it.

The church's welfare program is a wonderful example of this kind of humble service in action. Due to our aggressive program of helping those in need (and for a multitude of other reasons) the church prospers.

The church does not horde its wealth, they use it to build temples and chapels, expand the missionary program, give funds for education to those who cannot afford it, educate third-world countries in agricultural techniques, give relief in disasters, and much more. If we do the same, the blessings will be the same.

Have a wonderfully abundant day!


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