One of the most fundamental principles of prosperity is the more we give the more we receive. Christ is the perfect example of how to give and never want. In Matthew 12 he demonstrates how his disciples are much more important than other sacred principles of the Gospel - in this case, the Sabbath. His disciples pick corn and eat it, and he heals and casts out devils, all on the Sabbath. The pharisees criticize him for this action, but his example is clear.

He also teaches a concept that many self-help books seem to miss: that in order to truly interact effectively with others you have to become the best person you can. It is not enough to learn extravagant words and manipulation techniques - your heart must be kind and sincere. Christ uses the phrase "good treasures of the heart" in vs. 35, and in verse 34 teaches: "for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh".

We rely on others for all of our success - the boss that pays your paycheck, your family members who support you, your teachers, etc. our progress depends upon how we treat others and how we are treated. Let us evaluate what kinds of treasures we have in our hearts by becoming more kind, receptive, and sincere. Then as we strive to put others first and serve with all of our hearts blessings will be poured upon us.


I am not sure if the Savior wanted the message sent that the disciples were more important the the Sabbath, for the Sabbath was made for man. The way I see that is that in Jesus' time, the true reason for the Sabbath had become clouded in ritual and an elaborate set of rules that obscured the reason for the Sabbath in the first place. Jesus was showing the Pharisees that He was not breaking the Sabbath by doing good to others. The Disciples were not breaking the Sabbath by eating and gathering food. Jesus wanted the Pharisees to know the true meaning of the Sabbath Day.

It makes me see a definite parallel to today's Sabbath worship or lack of it. Thinking in terms of "prosperity" and the more we give, the more we receive, how we celebrate the Sabbath shows how we give to the Savior and our fellow man. Sometimes the Sabbath is just something we endure to the end, as in the case of parents with small unruly children, but we go as an example and to teach them of a better way. Sometimes the Sabbath is a day to sleep in and be lazy, or for some it is like any other day, a day of work and play. I think in our day, people have gone too far the other way, saying that everything is ok for the Sabbath, using scriptures for "proof" that man doesn't have to be reverent or worshipful, for Jesus broke the Sabbath rules. We must always remember that He has tried to show us the way... not too many rules and regulations, for man must not be complelled in all things, but a change of heart.

That goes back to your second paragraph, man must be humble and have a change of heart, to be good and kind and do good for others. If we do the "good" things in hopes of a reward or prosperity, then the prize is lost and often we do not get the reward. The key is to be good and love that which is good and to do good works because we love the Lord or love others, preferably both. If we do not have love, then all the rest is a tinkling bell or a brash cymbal...making noise without any substance. It is the manipulation and extravagant words that you speak about.

Your last paragraph puts us back in our place. We are dependent on Christ and others for all that we have. Even, or especially, business owners are completely dependent on the customers they serve. When they lose sight of that, then the business is gone. When you sing, you do so for a love of the music and the message, I would suppose. However, it is dependent on the audience as to whether you are received or not. Your love for the people or lack of it shows through in the song you present and the underlying message is clear to those who are listening. Anyway, thanks for letting me comment. It is probably more than you wanted to hear. LOL

Thank you for the comment - definitely not more than I wanted to hear :). In your first paragraph I think we're agreeing and saying it differently as you make my point by saying that the "Sabbath was made for man". The principles of the Gospel were created for our Salvation, so essentially the real focus of the entire plan is us - God's children. Our focus should be the same. The pharisees really missed this by putting rituals above the people they were meant to serve, and cut themselves off because of it.

I love what you said about how we find so many excuses to break the Sabbath. I had a teacher at BYU who told us that the Sabbath was the day in which all that we did showed the Lord how we feel about Him.

Thanks again for the comment! Keep 'em coming :)

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