In Mark 12:41-44 we read the brief account of the widow's mite in which Jesus differentiates between two different kinds of giving. He put Himself by the treasury and watched as people donated their money, followed shortly by the widow who essentially puts everything she had into the box.

Then, Christ calls together His disciples and teaches them that the more wealthy patrons only "cast in of their abundance" while she donated "all of her living". This comparison counsels us how we should give.

It is easy to give of our surplus - and sometimes we may even make ourselves feel good by giving a lot of that surplus. I do not suggest those donations do not bring blessings, but the widow gives more and gets more because she gives from her living expenses.

In the last general conference Elder Eyring spoke about a young man who when still young, newly married, and poor gave of his meager earnings to assist another family in financial stress. He goes on to say (maybe even in passing) that this young family went on to enjoy more prosperity than they knew what to do with.

The Lord has a way of giving to those who give the most. He knows that by giving to those who sacrifice they will spread the wealth among those even less fortunate. Usually when we are poor our inclination is to horde and keep all of our gains, when the Lord teaches us that this is precisely the time to develop a habit of sacrificing and giving.

In my life, I can trace my most abundant and prosperous periods to those times when I gave and sacrificed the most to help others. I know it works!


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